Female gel
Female Gel allows women to enjoy more intensely and climax multiple times! Research has shown that many women fail to reach their climax while being together with their partner. This denies them the pleasure of a simultaneous orgasm with their partner. Wouldn’t it be great if these women could have that experience using just a little bit of cream? Female Gel has been developed for these women, and of course for all other women who just want to climax several times in a row. This aphrodisiac increases the sensuality in such a way that the female orgasm can be guaranteed. Female Gel not only provides an extra pleasurable sensation, the fresh scent and taste make sure that oral sex will become an important part of the lovemaking game.
Female gel makes you smooth and hot
Regular use for better results
Directly after applying the gel, you will feel the fabulous cold and warm sensations following up one another. After only a few moments, you will notice the fantastic, intense, warm tingling sensation spreading throughout your lap. The clitoris is extra sensitive now, and will evoke strong desires that will cause an intense orgasm when stimulated. These intense feelings last for half an hour or even longer. Femal Gel will evoke a nicer and more pleasurable feeling, when used regularly
Female gel makes you long for more
Female gel increases the vaginal moisture production