Frequently asked questions

Is female gel safe
Yes, female gel is absolutely safe and harmless. The substances in this gel have been used for years in several forms, for physical use without any side effects or irritations. How does Female Gel work? The ingredients in Female Gel provide a vasolidating effect on the clitoris. This vessel expanding effect warms up the nerves in the clitoris, making them sensitive. The blood supply and moisture generation are stimulated, making you more moist and sensitive. Can I still use the condom safely with Female Gel? Yes. Female Gel is based on water, which does not affect the condom.

I am getting Femal Gel in my mouth
None of the Female Gel ingredients are harmful when they are swallowed. You can keep having oral sex after using Female Gel.

How is Female Gel packaged
Female Gel comes in a small soft-plastc bottle which can be closed using a screw cap. You can squeeze some gel from the bottle and afterwards close it for the next time.