Gently apply with your fingers
Carefully apply a fingertip of gel around the clitoris and the soft area around it. The active ingredients will then make the blood vessels from and towards the clitoris expand, this will improve the blood circulation of the clitoris and will greatly increse the sensitivity. The increased arousal will come with an increased activity of the vaginal glands and will also provide a better vaginal lubrication. Because all women are different, and therefore all react differently, it may be necessary to carefully rub and stimulate the clitoris to make it absorb the gel a little better.

Instant tingling sensation
Instantly after applying, you will feel the fabulous cold and warm sensations following up one another. After only a few moments, you will notice the fantastic, intense, warm tingling sensation spreading throughout your lap. The clitoris is extra sensitive now, and will evoke strong desires that will cause an intense orgasm when stimulated. These intense feelings last for half an hour or even longer. Femal Gel will evoke a nicer and more pleasurable feeling, when used regularly.